Liara T'soni - Lipsync

Liara T'soni

I extracted the character Liara T'soni from Bioware's Mass Effect 3 for some exercices. I first re-rigged it and tried a first lipsync with a dialogue line from the game. I'm still working on it. More animations to come.


This is it, isn't it?

Liara T'soni - Charleston

Liara T'soni

The next exercice with Liara, a few Charleston steps put together. Still working on sync, but the idea is there mostly. I hope it's not too far from the real steps, but you should see some 20s steps, savoy kicks, and other classics.
The music is Farewell Blues from Charleston Chasers (1920).


I Charleston the galaxy!

- Maxime Rousseau -